About Us

CASTILLO BROTHERS was founded on March 12, 2001 in Chicago, Illinois.  This company was created with one goal in mind:  To provide Latino families settled in The United States with the authentic chicharrón, a traditional snack popular in México and Latin America, that consumers enjoy as a dish (the typical chicharrón in green or red hot sauce), or as a companion with their favorite drink.

In order to succeed in our goal, our product had to have the perfect characteristics:  quality, freshness and a unique flavor.

In 2005

After the success of Chicharrones La Visita, we expanded to a full line of snacks for the whole family:  Rueditas or Wheels for the youngest consumers, Chicharrón Tronador, a delicious spicy and crunchy snack and the Strips, pork cracklings with the perfect texture to cook the authentic Chicharrón en Salsa Verde, just to mention a few.  We also introduced lard and cured products.

Line of Luzma Products

Towards the end of 2005 and first part of 2006 we became the exclusive distributors in the U.S. of LUZMA PRODUCTS.  Luzma is a reputable and well established company from Morelia, México dedicated to the elaboration and distribution of snacks and tostadas.  Currently Luzma products have a prominent shelf presence in every Latino Supermarket in the Chicagoland area.

Our commitment to our clientele

It's been almost twenty years since we opened our doors, and our commitment to our clientele continues.  Our line of quality products is distributed across The United States and Canada.  

It is our promise to continue delivering excellent service and the best products in the market.

Our employees - Our extended family

  Our employees are very important to us.   Much of the success of our company is due to their talents, dedication and hard work.   From our cleaning crew to our sales team and management, each one of them contributes every day to the success of La Visita.   Thank you for a job well done!  

Our Mission

To provide our clientele with a full line of products of the highest quality, consistency and freshness.

Our Vision

As a company founded and managed by immigrants, it is our vision to encourage our staff and especially the younger generation, to excel and overcome barriers.  It is our vision to equip our employees with the necessary tools to help them succeed as professionals.  We want to be the school of a new generation of individuals with strong work ethic and honesty, and  with a thorough preparation beneficial to them, their families and society.